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Larder Club

In the Lader Club you will receive Meat and Cheeses Selected by Chef Alex Giger From Just A Taste, St. James. Chef Alex will Choose items that pair with the wines frm the Heritage and Jefferson Club.


$20 Per Month or $17.01 when combined with another Club Membership.


* Larder Club must be picked up at the Club Tasting event each month. 

Eagles Landing Wine Club

Eagles' Landing is our in house winery and meadery. We don't have our own vineyards but we exclusively source grapes from within the State of Missouri. Every bottle comes with a great story and in this club each month your will receive 2 bottles specially chosen by our owners and the mkaers of the wine, Eric Taylor and Casey Stuck.

2 Bottles: 32.99/ mo

Jefferson Club

Thomas Jefferson was a pioneer in developing the American wine culture; with a fierce passion for creating our own strong wine industry by embracing the culture of fine wine around the world.  These reserve bottles are perfect to stock your cellar for special occasions.  (1 bottle: $50-100/mo.)

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club honors our own Italian ancestry.  Just A Taste sources small family-owned and operated wineries spanning the different wine regions of Italy.  These wines represent hundreds (and sometimes over one thousand) years of winemaking tradition.  We supplement these time-honored wines with other classics from around the world.  (2 bottles: $32.99/mo.)

Biermeister Club

For those looking to explore the depths of what makes craft beer so exciting, the Biermeister Club is right for you!  We will delve in to the various representations of the numerous beer styles available from breweries across the country and beyond!  This club will introduce you to styles that you may not think you'll enjoy, but we believe you just haven't had the right one to spark your interest.  (mixed beer selections - $32.99/mo)

Alternating Club

The best of both worlds!  In the Alternating Club, you will receive wines from the Heritage Club and beers from the Biermeister Club on a rotating basis.  Perfect for a divided household or for those who want to explore the best of both.  (2 bottles of wine - $32.99, mixed beer selections - $32.99).

Dram Club

We search for special bottles of whisky showing the range of styles from Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, and the Islands of Scotland.  You will receive one bottle per quarter at a ranging value.  (1 bottle: $70-120/quarter)

Duke Club

If you like bourbon, rye, or Tennessee whiskey, this is the club for you.  We start off showing our own favorites and will educate you through the various styles of American – made premium whiskey.  You will receive one bottle per quarter at a ranging value.  (1 bottle: $40-80/quarter)

Locker Membership

Store your club wines or whiskeys in our Jefferson Cellar!  Your locker is large enough to hold up to 12 bottles of wine.  Locker members will have private access to our cellar during normal operating hours.  Impress your business client or simply enjoy a quiet evening with a great bottle of wine.  (Locker rental $120 / 1 year)